• Anuket: Goddess of the Nile river
  • Astarte: Ancient Phoenician goddess
  • Atlas: Titan who holds up the sky, namesake of the Atlantic (i.e., sea of Atlas) Ocean.
  • Dyeus: Chief proto-Indo-European deity
  • Freyja: Norse goddess of love and beauty
  • Gaia: Primal Greek goddess, mother of the universe
  • Isis: Egyptian goddess later worshipped in the Roman Empire
  • Ixcacao: Ancient Mayan fertility goddess; goddess of cocoa and chocolate
  • Izanagi: Japan god of creation
  • Kali: Hindu goddess
  • Kichigonai: Mayan creator god of light
  • Lakshmi: Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity
  • Mat Zemlya: Oldest Slavic deity
  • Olorun: African king of the universe
  • Pangu: Chinese creator of all
  • Quetzalcoatl: Ancient Mesoamerica god
  • Ra: Egyptian sun god
  • Tengri: God of central Asia
  • Thor: Norse hammer-wielding god
  • Toci: Ancient Aztec goddess
  • Venus: Roman goddess of love
  • Viracocha: Inca creator god
  • Xi Wangmu: One of China's oldest goddesses
  • Zeus: Ancient Greek king of the gods

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Natural Theology
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The "I"
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Personal Identity
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Experience of God
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