Encountering Light*Within

A Post-Christian Religion

What happens when you lose faith in Bible and Jesus, but not God? When you come to see the Bible as a collection of fairy tales? When you come to regard Jesus as mostly a fictional character born in the mythology of the ancient Roman Empire? Yet, you know you know a Reality exists, vast and sublime, that deserves the name God.

Ive spent most of my life trying to answer those questions, trying to draw closer to this Reality, trying to come to know it better, experience it more intimately, and love it more deeply. This is my story.

This is not a book of easy answers and superficial, feel-good spirituality. I share my pain and struggle and doubts. But I share what Ive found, too, which will amaze you as it amazes me.

Hello. On this site you will find the current draft version of my book.

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