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Preface to the Second Edition

I wrote Science Without Bounds betweeen 1987 and 1993. In 1996, I put a free copy on the newly-emerging Internet, where it received some favorable comments, some of which appear in the book and on the back cover.

A few years later, Mr. Cecil Wyche of South Carolina sent me a list of typos, for which I am very grateful. The second edition corrects the typos Mr. Wyche pointed out, as well as a few more. Other than that the book remains unchanged.

Science Without Bounds was my first book and is by no means a perfect book. Were I writing it today I would change a few things, but not many. Looking back today in 2015 I find most of it stands up quite well, in my judgment.

One item, however, deserves mention. As a new writer, I felt there was no reason that anyone should credit what I said, so I took pains to cite authorities and other sources. As a result, the reader may sometimes get lost in the thicket of quotes and references, and have difficulty seeing my point. I wrote more clearly and simply later so the befuddled reader may want to start with one of my later books.

Arthur J. D’Adamo

16 February 2015