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Science As Natural Theology Religion

Imagine creating a list of all the gods and goddesses worshipped over the centuries, in Greece and Rome, in India and in China, on the two American continents, in Africa, and elsewhere. The list would include thousands of names. Unless we believe all those gods and goddesses genuinely exist, we must regard at least some of them as fictions.

Such a prolific invention of gods and goddesses might cause us to wonder if we should regard the various gods and goddesses worshipped today as fictions, too. But it might also lead us to wonder if an obscure intuition of some reality motivates those inventions.

How might we construct an accurate (or, at least, more accurate) picture of that reality? We should start with what we know, with solid fact; we should begin with the knowledge we’ve collected, refined and repeatedly verified over the centuries. In other words, we should attempt to dispassionately infer the theological consequences, if any, of science.

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Encountering Light Within: A Post-Christian Religion

What happens when you lose faith in Bible and Jesus, but not God? When you come to see the Bible as a collection of fairy tales? When you come to regard Jesus as mostly a fictional character born in the mythology of the ancient Roman Empire? Yet, you know – you know – a Reality exists, vast and sublime, that deserves the name God.

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A Counterfeit God: An Unbeliever Looks At Jesus

Is Jesus really God? Or is he merely the face Christians put on God, much like the thousands of other faces people have put on God throughout the ages? Virgin birth? Miracle worker? Died for the salvation of others? These were common myths in the ancient world.

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Science Without Bounds: A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism

A book that explores material at the intersection of science, religion, mysticism and philosophy. It describes a world view based on the insights of the mystics, compatible with science's way of knowing.

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Molinos-cover The Spiritual Guide of Miguel de Molinos, a Catholic priest, was written in 1675. Says one website: "So powerful was its influence on Europe that within 6 years of its release this book had been translated into every language in Western Europe. In Naples, Italy it was said that 20,000 Christians gathered in small groups to practice inward prayer." Molinos was eventually imprisoned by the Catholic Church and his book supressed. It was long out-of-print.

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